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We are passionate about classic cars, and nowadays residents in the UAE are developing that passion as well. Residents are recently coming to discover the pleasures of owning a classic car, not only are they a joy to drive but a great investment as well. If you pay attention, you will notice that the number of classic cars in the UAE has been increasing in the last few years, and this is because residents started to realize that classic cars are as good an investment, if not better, than real estate or gold since their value constantly increases with time.


We believe now is the right time for you to join these owners of classic cars who are enjoying the pleasures of a truly great investment. We can source for you classic cars to buy or arrange for prospective customers to sell your classic cars to, we can also restore your cars to their original state or restore them in a custom condition. In addition, we can source spare parts for your classics, even the rare ones. We also have regular requests to source classic cars for events and photo shoots, so when you own a classic you still make an income without having to sell.

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Why buy and sell classic cars through us?

Since we are passionate about classic cars it simply makes us great in this business, and our mission is to try preserve all classic cars that the UAE has not yet scrapped. We also have years of experience restoring classic cars, so we know the value of these cars based on their condition and we understand what makes a potentially good investment and what does not.

Contact us if you have a classic car that you want to sell, or if you are looking for a classic car to buy, regardless of the condition, we always have buyers and sellers for classic cars in Dubai with all types of interests.

Many classic car owners in Dubai do not have the time to maintain their cars, furthermore, they cannot find the right technicians who know how to maintain and repair their cars or even where to source their parts. On the other hand, we know the right places, whether locally or globally, and we will always get the best prices, in addition, our technicians are very well experienced with classic cars and understand their value bearing in mind their delicacy.

With time, cars tend to rust and their condition deteriorates, and in order to maintain the value of your classic car you need to keep it in tiptop shape. Where else would you take it other than DODZ? Our team of restoration experts are equipped to repair or refurbish your classic to its factory condition using new or reconditioned parts. If you are one of the people who just likes to be that extra bit unique and want to go for a custom restoration, our design team will guide you in the right path to get the look you are imagining.

The glamour of owning a classic car


Getting thumbs up and being photographed by pedestrians and other drivers on the road for having a unique and rare ride is not all you gain from owning a classic car, in fact, you can actually make money out of that, and this is where we come in. Due to our wide base of members and classic car owner contacts, DODZ constantly receives requests to source classic cars for advertising photo shoots and events such as team building, weddings, shows and exhibitions.

Register your classic car with us and we would be able to offer it to our clients. Bear in mind, we do not rent these special cars for driving purpose, but only for photoshoots and events. You do not even have to do anything, once we get a request for your car, we will come collect it and rent in back with your rental fee, simple as that.

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